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old montreal, oldmontreal, old port
  Welcome to Old Montreal  
We've just updated the Old Montreal site with basic directory listings for Hotels, Museums, and Galleries. More sections are coming soon!

If you have a free event let us know and we'll include it on our Events page.

Welcome to Old Montreal !

Looking for a great destination for a day, night, weekend, or longer? There’s always something worth seeing and doing in the historic and charming Old Montreal area !

Whether you’re seeking great dining, entertainment, events, shopping, activities, arts, or just simple relaxation... Old Montreal is the perfect choice!

Old Montreal is one of North America’s most unique and memorable destinations.

Founded over 360 years ago, Montreal (originally known as Ville-Marie) was one of the first cities to be established when settlers arrived from Europe by way of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Over the years, Montreal has become a city at the forefront of modern technology, and has also managed to keep its distinctive European flavor.

Today, the oldest sector of the city has experienced a recent cycle of renewal, rejuvenation, and renaissance... over a dozen significant new structures have been built, and many more have been restored and renovated. This web site counts itself among the major additions to the old city’s "new" heart, serving as a portal for the events, attractions, activities, and services available in the area.

More to come, soon!

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